Server Features

Exp x100 Sp x100 Spoil x70 Drop x30 Adena x30 Quest item x20 Raid Boss x5

When hunting low-level mobs, no penalty is applied (Drop / Spoil).

Enchant: +3 Safe (+4 Full) +20 Max ~65% Chance (Blessed +15%); Lifestone: offlike.

Server currency: Blue Eva (Champion / Adena), PvP/Pk Coin (PvP / Pk / Event), Donation Coin (Donate), PC Bang Point (20 min online).

Buff slots 32 + 4 (Autolearn Divine Inspiration). Duration 2 hour. Full resist and malaria / flu.

The clan is created immediately at level 8. Reputation can be bought from the service manager at the rate of 1000 for 50 Blue Eva.

Olympics every week. Start at 18:00 (GTM +0), max enchant +6. Nobility can be bought from the service manager for 100 Blue Eva.

On the server, added tattoos for the magician and the warrior, which can be obtained by playing. They give +50 attack speed, when enchanted +3.

TVT and DM events every hour, for the best player 1 Donate Coin reward.

There is an exchange on the server: Merchant (Quest Recipe and Stakato / TT to Epic), Blacksmith (Craft / Lifestone / Mammon).

RB status you can check with the service manager. Respawn Baium / Valakas / Antharas 3 days, other offlike. RB stats / drop offlike.

RB can be drop Apella parts (Some S Grade +1000 max. HP).

Voting for the server gives a free day of premium account.